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Hanan Rizkalla is a healthcare business executive with over 20 years of experience in management and leadership positions in medical fields. Hanan worked globally in multiple countries and immigrated to Canada.

Hanan earned her Bachelor of Internal Medicine and Surgery and her Master’s degree in Epidemiology and Public Health. In her career, Hanan was driven by her care for people and ambition to support the community. Around the world, she worked as a physician and then progressed to senior management roles, as a Research Physician for Novartis and later for GSK as the Regional Head of Medical Affairs for Middle East and Africa. Most recently, Hanan has dedicated her work to pain management and rehabilitation systems.

She cares deeply about making medical care and products available for all in need and especially people with limited access to healthcare systems. She invested much of her first years in medicine volunteering time for charitable medical services. She continues to actively volunteer her time at various organizations such as Front Line Outreach in Oakville, Ovarian Cancer Canada and Prostate Cancer Canada in support of the community. She has served on several Conservative riding association boards and volunteered in political campaigns provincially and federally. She has been living in Oakville with her husband and three children for many years.

Hanan is running to help secure a stronger economy under an accountable government, to rebuild jobs for our future, and more livable cleaner Oakville North – Burlington for all.

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